Website Maintenance and Bug Fixes

Our team has over fifteen years of experience in website maintenance, bug fixes, and general web design and development. Technology has radically changed over the last fifteen years. That is why we place an extreme value on constantly learning and studying new technology and software.

If you have ever had your website go down for no apparent reason or suffered from technological bugs, you know exactly how that situation consumes your valuable time.

We Are Your Experts

Odds are that studying the latest update on PHP is not critical to your day-to-day business. Perhaps you used a free website builder to make your website and don’t know the difference between HTML and CSS, which is completely fine! It is our focus and we want to be your resource for website maintenance before you have to even pick up the phone.

When your website won’t load, we will be there to fix the problem in a timely manner. When your new design is giving you a headache, we want to be the team that you can call, email, and depend on. We desire to be the answer to all your website problems and provide you with the time to focus on growing and building your business.

We Future-Proof Your Business

With the growth of new technology, software, and online hosting solutions, having a team of dedicated experts to keep you and your business online is invaluable. As a business owner, you simply cannot afford missing a customer because of a website issue. When you sign up for Polar Mass website maintenance, you sign up for a quick-responding team that wants to see your business grow.

We Are Your Trusted Team

As you have learned while building your business, having external teams to help along the way can make all the difference and allow you time to focus on your business. For example, business consultants, coaches, attorneys, accountants, all strive to help your business grow. Think of us, Polar Mass, as your ultimate website maintenance and bug fix resource to make sure your website and business run smoothly.